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Where the wild things are: the untapped potential of our gardens, parks and balconies

Gardens could be part of the solution to the climate and biodiversity crisis. But what are we doing? Disappearing them beneath plastic and pavingIn my 20s I lived in Manchester, [...]

Tackling water shortages with 'Star Wars' tech

'I thought why don’t we give it a try?' said student Swapnil Shrivastav, after inspiration struck. [...]

Mongabay investigation is turned into art for World Press Freedom Day event

Mongabay’s award-winning investigation that revealed water contamination from palm oil plantations in Indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon inspired an art installation at UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day Conference in [...]

Polar warning: Warming temperatures mean more than melted ice

A new study finds the terrestrial part of the Arctic has shifted from being a greenhouse gas sink to being a source. Another finds that El Niño undermines Antarctic ice [...]

On Australia’s climate and extinction crises, the major parties both have questions to answer | Present Tense

The Coalition has no climate policy. But Labor’s positions are undermined by its confused stance on gas and the delay of new environmental lawsFollow our Australia news live blog for [...]

Wedding without waste: how I got married without the usual 400lb of trash

Read more from My DIY climate hack, a new series on everyday people’s creative solutions to the climate crisisAmong food, travel, decor and single-use items, parties can create an enormous [...]

Researchers explore mining seawater for critical metals

The aim is to draw key minerals, including lithium and magnesium, from ocean water, desalination plant residue, and industrial waste brine. [...]

What’s at stake for the environment in Mexico’s upcoming election?

MEXICO CITY — Mexico will hold elections on June 2 that are likely to shape the country for years to come. In addition to president, all 500 deputies in the [...]

As catches fall, Sierra Leone’s artisanal fishers turn to destructive practices

PORT LOKO DISTRICT, Sierra Leone — At 5 a.m., as the horizon brightens and waves start to subside, more than a dozen wooden canoes along the shoreline between the settlements [...]

Exploring the science of Asian elephants: Interview with Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel

KATHMANDU — Asian elephants traverse vast distances, ingesting things they encounter as they retrace the ancient paths their ancestors followed. In doing so, they alter landscapes, create habitats, and earn [...]

Humanity’s survival is still within our grasp – just. But only if we take these radical steps | David King

Reduce emissions, build resilience, repair ecosystems, remove greenhouse gases: these are the four Rs that can save usDavid King is chair of the global Climate Crisis Advisory GroupIn 2008, the [...]

Millions in US face extreme-heat threat as experts urge better protections

Recommendations include heat forecasts and outdoor-worker safeguards to prevent thousands of deaths and injuriesMillions of Americans face the threat of dangerous heatwaves in the coming weeks with another summer of [...]

Q&A: Should We Be Having Babies In a Warming World? 

Jade S. Sasser has been studying reproductive choices in the context of climate change for a quarter century. Her 2018 book, “Infertile Ground,” explored how population growth in the Global [...]

To Incinerate Or Not To Incinerate: Maryland Hospitals Grapple With Question With Big Public Health Implications

Maryland’s two largest health systems have taken contrasting positions on their future dealings with a controversial medical waste incinerator in South Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Health System and University said it [...]

Ditch brightly coloured plastic, anti-waste researchers tell firms

Studies find red, blue and green plastic decomposes into microplastic particles faster than plainer coloursRetailers are being urged to stop making everyday products such as drinks bottles, outdoor furniture and [...]

Country diary 1924: dead seaweed is not always a safe refuge

30 May 1924: We watched a turnstone throwing over the dead weed and pouncing on as many light-surprised refugees as it could catchDead seaweed has uses. The Pelvetia of the [...]

Lemur pups Nova and Evie born at Scottish safari park

Female pair are third litter born at Blair Drummond under endangered species breeding programmeA Scottish safari park has announced the birth of two female lemur pups native to Madagascar.Nova and [...]

Country diary: An evening walk is handsomely rewarded | Amy-Jane Beer

Burythorpe, North Yorkshire: Once the site of a Norman castle and a bronze age enclosure, I can be sure that I’m not the first to enjoy the spectacular May sunsets [...]

Governments are ramping up actions to fight environmental crime across the Amazon, but is it working? (commentary)

After more than a decade of record-breaking deforestation across the Amazon Basin, rates declined in 2023 compared to the previous year. Measures to curb deforestation were led by Brazil and [...]

I study artefacts left in prehistoric caves

Nature, Published online: 27 May 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01526-2Basran Burhan helped to date the oldest piece of figurative art discovered so far. [...]

How artificial intelligence is helping to identify global inequalities

Nature, Published online: 27 May 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01534-2Machine learning tools are helping researchers understand how income is distributed and progress towards reducing inequality. [...]

Researcher parents are paying a high price for conference travel — here’s how to fix it

Nature, Published online: 27 May 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01571-xThree scientist mothers call for a change in how conference childcare costs are reimbursed, drawing on their personal experiences. [...]

Tackling ‘wicked’ problems calls for engineers with social responsibility

Nature, Published online: 27 May 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01519-1Many technologies are high-risk, and their problems cannot be fixed by policy alone; engineers must embrace social responsibility. [...]

In Arizona, an Art Installation Highlights the U.S.-Mexico Border’s Impact on Wildlife

Earlier in May, a towering image of a jaguar suddenly rippled into view on the border wall straddling Nogales, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico. A striking Mexican wolf then shimmered in [...]

Readers reply: why are bodies of water so calming?

The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical conceptsWhy are bodies of water so calming? [...]

Puerto Rico’s rooftop solar boom is at risk, advocates warn

Rooftop solar has been a lifeline for the U.S. territory during blackouts. Now a government entity wants to undo a law protecting a key solar program. [...]

A Debate Rages Over the Putative Environmental Benefits of the ARCH2 ‘Hydrogen Hub’ in Appalachia

Backers of a planned “hydrogen hub”’ in the Appalachian region have issued a document responding to criticism by environmentalists, saying that carbon capture and sequestration technology would mitigate greenhouse gas [...]

After Five Years Without Drinkable Water, a Nebraska Town Asks: When Will Our Tap Water Be Safe?

This story was reported and originally published by the Flatwater Free Press, Nebraska’s nonprofit investigative newsroom.  Kameron Runnels watches, frustrated, as a pair of Santee tribal members move a pallet [...]

Licence to probe: the liberating beauty of fiction after journalism | Michael Brissenden

Cut free from the constraints of reporting, a story can take its own shape, can lead you down rabbit holes you’d never expectedDuring my nearly 40 years as a journalist, [...]

‘It’s honest beauty’: the net-zero homes paving the way for the future

As demand for sustainable housing grows, architects go back to basics to future-proof homes for a changing climateFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon [...]