The Demarest Nature Center Association

 “We don’t stop hiking because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop hiking.

~Finis Mitchell

Keep an eye out for this magnificent tree
that is often overlooked but full of beauty and utility

~ Jeff Shaari

 “We don’t stop hiking because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop hiking.

~Finis Mitchell

Welcome To The Demarest Nature Center

The Demarest Nature Center is located in Demarest, NJ, USA, and is open to all persons, residents and non-residents alike, every day of the year. In addition to preserving and protecting important open space here in the midst of a large metropolitan area, the center seeks to educate young and old alike as to the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting our environment.

We, the trustees of the Demarest Nature Center Association, encourage you to use this site to find out more about the Demarest Nature Center and its programs. Click on the topic of your choice and find out more; the links will tell you about the Center, introduce you to our events and endeavors, and also take you to other nearby nature centers, as well as environmental organizations, National Parks, and suggestions for things to do.

The site is constantly growing and being updated, so we hope you will come back again and again.

Recycling isn’t easy. The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana is doing it anyway.

With federal dollars flowing, small tribes are trying to jumpstart their own recycling programs. more

California has a unique opportunity to implement rules that could supercharge heat-pump adoption in the state, according to climate advocates. But regulators are waffling over whether to take it. The more

Jørgen Festervoll, CEO of Heimdall Power , is happy to be taking part in the biggest U.S. deployment to date of a technology that could dramatically expand the capacity of more

Tackling water shortages with 'Star Wars' tech

'I thought why don’t we give it a try?' said student Swapnil Shrivastav, after inspiration struck. more

Mongabay investigation is turned into art for World Press Freedom Day event

Mongabay’s award-winning investigation that revealed water contamination from palm oil plantations in Indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon inspired an art installation at UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day Conference in more

Polar warning: Warming temperatures mean more than melted ice

A new study finds the terrestrial part of the Arctic has shifted from being a greenhouse gas sink to being a source. Another finds that El Niño undermines Antarctic ice more

Researchers explore mining seawater for critical metals

The aim is to draw key minerals, including lithium and magnesium, from ocean water, desalination plant residue, and industrial waste brine. more

What’s at stake for the environment in Mexico’s upcoming election?

MEXICO CITY — Mexico will hold elections on June 2 that are likely to shape the country for years to come. In addition to president, all 500 deputies in the more

As catches fall, Sierra Leone’s artisanal fishers turn to destructive practices

PORT LOKO DISTRICT, Sierra Leone — At 5 a.m., as the horizon brightens and waves start to subside, more than a dozen wooden canoes along the shoreline between the settlements more

Exploring the science of Asian elephants: Interview with Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel

KATHMANDU — Asian elephants traverse vast distances, ingesting things they encounter as they retrace the ancient paths their ancestors followed. In doing so, they alter landscapes, create habitats, and earn more

Jade S. Sasser has been studying reproductive choices in the context of climate change for a quarter century. Her 2018 book, “Infertile Ground,” explored how population growth in the Global more

Maryland’s two largest health systems have taken contrasting positions on their future dealings with a controversial medical waste incinerator in South Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Health System and University said it more

Governments are ramping up actions to fight environmental crime across the Amazon, but is it working? (commentary)

After more than a decade of record-breaking deforestation across the Amazon Basin, rates declined in 2023 compared to the previous year. Measures to curb deforestation were led by Brazil and more

Earlier in May, a towering image of a jaguar suddenly rippled into view on the border wall straddling Nogales, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico. A striking Mexican wolf then shimmered in more

Puerto Rico’s rooftop solar boom is at risk, advocates warn

Rooftop solar has been a lifeline for the U.S. territory during blackouts. Now a government entity wants to undo a law protecting a key solar program. more

Backers of a planned “hydrogen hub”’ in the Appalachian region have issued a document responding to criticism by environmentalists, saying that carbon capture and sequestration technology would mitigate greenhouse gas more

This story was reported and originally published by the Flatwater Free Press, Nebraska’s nonprofit investigative newsroom.  Kameron Runnels watches, frustrated, as a pair of Santee tribal members move a pallet more

As New York’s offshore wind work begins, an environmental justice community awaits the benefits

A labor agreement guarantees jobs for unions, but making sure Sunset Park residents are included remains a challenge. more

By some criteria, 1290 Embarcadero in Morro Bay, Calif. seems like a prime site for a facility to store renewable energy.  The swath of coastal land houses a power plant more

From our collaborating partner “Living on Earth,” public radio’s environmental news magazine, an interview by host Paloma Beltran with Pat Parenteau, an emeritus professor of law at Vermont Law and more

Extinct ‘mountain jewel’ plant returned to wild - in secret location

A plant picked for its beautiful flowers then wiped out in the UK mainland makes a dramatic return. more

Max sentence request for Javan rhino poacher too low, experts say

Indonesian prosecutors are seeking a five-year jail sentence for a poacher who confessed to participating in killing seven Javan rhinos from 2019-2023, essentially wiping out at least 10% the species’ more

ORLANDO, Fla.—Get ready for an active hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting the greatest number of named storms this hurricane season since the forecasts began in more

Cutting forests for solar energy ‘misses the plot’ on climate action (commentary)

I once had a sweet, brown pit bull mix named Thembi, who had impressive musculature and a magnificent nose. Often on our walks, I would feel the leash go taut more

When Hurricane Ian whipped through Florida in 2022, it left a path of devastation in its wake. Cars sank alongside boats on flooded streets, while once-extravagant houses were reduced to more

Otter-preneurs: Female sea otters lead the way in tool use for survival

In California’s Monterey Bay, where the vast Pacific Ocean meets lush kelp forests, sea otters, especially the females, are becoming more resourceful. These charismatic marine mammals, known for their playful more

In Amazon’s tri-border Javari region, teens fall prey to drug gangs’ lure

The rising recruitment has gone hand in hand with an increase in coca production and deforestation in the region, which in some provinces has grown exponentially. more

In Brazil’s Cerrado, aquifers are losing more water than they can replace

Aquifers are vital for balanced ecosystems and human existence. While only 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater, almost 99% of that unfrozen volume is located in these geological more

Innovative Nepali PSA seeks emotional connection to save red pandas

KATHMANDU — During the COVID-19 lockdown in Nepal, red panda conservation campaigner and researcher Sonam Tashi Lama came across a public service announcement on African rhinos, featuring action superstar Jackie more

In Bulgaria, a famed rose harvest has come nearly a month early this year. Read more on E360 → more

Government wins court case over River Wye pollution

The High Court ruled that the Environment Agency and the UK government were implementing the law properly. more

18 years on, how are sharks faring in French Polynesia’s shark sanctuary?

TAHITI — From their perch on the side of a small boat, three divers tip backward into the sea. Once underwater, shoals of fish, including small red-and-grayish humpback red snapper more

Collective effort monitors Amazon wildlife in heavily logged Brazil state

The Brazilian state of Rondônia state ranks seventh in the country for deforestation and fourth for greenhouse gas emissions. Among the country’s nine Amazonian states, it’s third for deforestation, behind more

PLEASANT VALLEY, Mass.—Two visits to this wildlife sanctuary.  One week apart. I came to report the arrival of spring, an under-covered story. In the hope, too, that the new season more

Fishers decry ‘underhanded’ new initiative to protect Mexico’s vaquita

The latest attempt to save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise from being snagged in nets meant for the coveted totoaba fish may prove to be the most effective yet. But more

What’s the difference between Indigenous nations co-managing or co-stewarding their land? A lot.

Being a "steward" of the land isn't enough for Native peoples. more

Miles of seawater are flowing under Thwaites Glacier, undermining an Antarctic ice sheet and threatening rapid sea level rise. more

As the United States works to slash planet-warming emissions from heavy industry, two subsectors in particular will require the biggest lift: chemical production and oil and gas systems. In 2023, more

This story was originally published by Grist . Any climate action plan that aims to quickly turn the tide of global warming has to tackle methane, which traps orders of more

Atlantic to get 'extraordinary' hurricane season

There could be up to seven major hurricanes of category three or higher this season, many more than usual. more

Green credentials of electric vehicles come under fire

While EV makers reiterate how their cars combat climate change, others note critical mineral mining environmental and social impacts on traditional people, and point to both supply chain and planetary more

No mercy for overfished yellowfin tuna at Indian Ocean fisheries meeting

Although yellowfin tuna comprises almost one-third of the global tuna catch, in the Indian Ocean it’s been declared overfished for the past nine years and scientists have described the stock more

Space telescope reveals new images of the Universe

The Euclid telescope mission, backed by Durham University scientists, releases dark Universe images. more

UK disaster response needs 'urgent' £100m upgrade

Fire chiefs say specialist service equipment used in natural disasters and terror attacks needs to be replaced. more

All conservation is local: Interview with Angolan conservationist Kerllen Costa

MOUNT MOCO, Angola — Kerllen Costa was raised in Angola with a love of nature and the outdoors. He started his career by volunteering on an Angolan sea turtle conservation more

Tracing Africa’s ‘fading biological fingerprints’ in Angola’s threatened forests

MOUNT MOCO, Angola — “Another one incoming,” shouts ornithologist Michael Mills to his colleague crouching a few meters away on the flanks of Mount Moco, Angola’s highest mountain. “Oh heck, more

The transition to renewables requires batteries that can store energy for long periods of time. To meet that demand, engineers in California’s Kern County are aiming to revamp depleted oil more

A pot of unspent federal money could have prevented Jackson’s water crisis

A new report surfaces a trail of red flags that the EPA didn’t raise. more

Microplastics are in human testicles. It’s still not clear how they got there.

People eat, drink, and breathe in tiny pieces of plastics — but what they do inside the body is still unknown. more

As reservoirs go dry, Mexico City and Bogotá are staring down ‘Day Zero’

Cape Town, which beat a water crisis in 2018, holds lessons for cities grappling with an El Niño-fueled drought. more

A new conservation study carries important implications for global climate targets. more

California slashed the value of rooftop solar for customers of its three biggest utilities last year — and installations of residential solar systems in the state have fallen to near-three-year more

Canary Media’s Charging Up column chronicles gender diversity and notable career moves in the climatetech sector. Got a person or event you’d like to see us cover or a hot more

Airbus UK to build satellite to monitor Sun storms

The spacecraft will give earlier warnings of conditions that produced the recent auroral lights. more

Bangladesh to formalize fire mitigation plans for Sundarbans as burning risk rises

The Bangladesh government is drafting guidelines to tackle the rising incidence of fires in the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, as intensifying human activity raises the risk of burning more

UK breakthrough could slash emissions from cement

Scientists from Cambridge University find an ingenious way to decarbonise one of the world's most polluting materials. more

A new analysis finds that climate change fueled excessive rainfall in the U.K. and Ireland this fall and winter.Read more on E360 → more

Northern Michiganders are getting off propane — and on to natural gas

The state’s largest utility says natural gas is a bridge fuel, but advocates say it’s no climate solution. more

Billions of people cook over open fires. Are gas stoves the solution?

Last week in Paris, dozens of countries agreed to tackle harmful cooking methods — but sidestepped the controversial question of how to replace them. more

This story was originally published by Energy News Network . A climate trust fund proposed in Portland, Maine, would use money from the sale of city-owned renewable energy credits to more

When the Biden administration pledged up to $1 billion in awards for two “green steel” projects earlier this year, it signaled an important step in the emerging effort to decarbonize more

US says Russia likely launched anti-satellite weapon

The Russian satellite launched last week may be capable of attacking other satellites, the Pentagon says. more

Advocates say the ruling makes clear that complying with the Paris Agreement is not enough. more

South Korea is investing massive amounts of public funding into importing natural gas while demand is declining. more

Populations of salmon, trout, eel, sturgeon, and other migrating freshwater fish have shrunk by 81 percent on average since 1970, a new report finds. Read more on E360 → more

"If folks are serious about environmental justice, they need to be serious about addressing equity issues in U.S territories." more

Landfills leak methane with impunity, new research shows

“Something is wrong with the system.” more

Form Energy launched in 2017 to tackle one of the biggest problems hindering the clean energy transition: how to cheaply store renewable energy for days on end . In developing more

California regulators’ hostility to rooftop solar may have hit its political limit, at least when it comes to the impact on public schools. In the past few months, a host more

Bottled water is full of microplastics. Is it still ‘natural’?

Recent lawsuits say Arrowhead, Evian, Poland Spring, and other water bottlers are deceiving customers. more

A record-breaking drought, fueled by the El Niño weather pattern, has caused widespread crop failure and national emergency declarations in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. Without harvests of maize, the staple more

Read this article in English Traducción por Maria Virginia Olano En Puerto Rico, los residentes están acudiendo a la energía solar en techos y baterías de respaldo en busca de more

Leer este artículo en español In Puerto Rico, residents are flocking to rooftop solar and backup batteries in search of more reliable, affordable — and cleaner — alternatives to the more

Last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved FERC Order 1920 , a 1,300-page regulation that will transform how the U.S. power grid is planned and paid for. Now comes more

Oil companies contaminated a family farm. The courts and regulators let the drillers walk away.

The oil and gas industry has reaped profits without ensuring there will be money to plug and clean up their wells. In Oklahoma, that work could cost more than $7 more

As fossil fuel plants face retirement, a Puerto Rico community pushes for rooftop solar

Land for large solar arrays is limited on the island. Rooftop panels can provide electricity during blackouts and bring the island closer to its clean energy goals. more

More Northern Lights soon as Sun storms strengthen

Another spectacular light show could come within two weeks as Sun storms reach 11-year high. more

Windborne dust is spreading across the Southern Ocean, fueling plankton blooms that absorb our emissions. A new study reveals the full impact of dust on plankton. Read more on E360 more

The state still has to figure out how much individual fossil fuel companies must pay for the impacts of climate-driven disasters. more

This story was produced by Grist and co-published with Eater . The first thing you notice walking up to a dai pai dong , one of Hong Kong’s signature open-air more

The overwhelming majority of the world's clean energy technologies — from solar panels to heat pumps — are manufactured in China. The Biden administration, as well as several European countries, more

Gone from Romania for 200 years, European bison were reintroduced to the Țarcu Mountains, at the southern end of the Carpathian range, in 2014. Now numbering 170, the bison are more

The U.S. industrial sector could claim an especially undesirable title in the coming years: It’s set to become the country’s number one source of planet-warming pollution. The designation currently belongs more

The Tennessee Valley Authority, the nation’s largest public power utility, has yet to fully jump on the solar trend that’s sweeping the nation. But it has allowed communities within its more

Researchers and companies are aiming to draw key minerals, including lithium and magnesium, from ocean water, desalination plant residue, and industrial waste brine. They say their processes will use less more

Canary Media’s Electrified Life column shares real-world tales, tips, and insights to demystify what individuals can do to shift their homes and lives to clean electric power. Planning on replacing more

Fuel cell and electrolyzer manufacturer and would-be “green” hydrogen supplier Plug Power has won a conditional commitment for up to a $1.66 billion loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of more

The summer of 2023 was the hottest summer in the Northern Hemisphere since the height of the Roman Empire, a new study finds.Read more on E360 → more

On the banks of Maryland’s Patapsco River, about 10 miles south of Baltimore, there’s an aging coal plant that pretty much everyone wants to shut down. Local community activists, environmental more

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Monday issued a sweeping reform to transmission grid planning, one that proponents say is a major, much-needed win for the effort to transition the more

Since October, Los Angeles County has gathered enough stormwater to meet the demand of one in four residents for a year. Uncommonly heavy rains allowed the county to capitalize on more

Skyrocketing electric bills are threatening California’s climate, electrification, and energy equity goals. Last week, state regulators approved a major policy shift meant to address this problem — but left the more

On the warm spring night of April 28, Houston had a problem. Denizens of the most populous region in Texas were cranking up air conditioning to beat the early burst more

27 new wild swimming sites for England - but are they clean?

Twenty-seven new sites have been designated for summer pollution monitoring. more

Together, coal and gas generated only 21 percent of electricity in the EU last month, a new low that reflects the rapid adoption of renewable power.Read more on E360 → more

Vermont state lawmakers just passed a measure that would require all utilities to provide 100 percent clean energy by 2035 . The bill would put the state on track to more

For the first year ever, renewable energy sources generated 30 percent of the globe’s electricity in 2023 — driven by a decade of consistent, spectacular growth in solar and wind more

Journalist Marcel Gomes has traced beef in supermarkets and fast food restaurants in the U.S. and Europe to Brazilian ranches on illegally cleared land. In an e360 interview, he talks more

California spent the last decade building up a massive fleet of batteries to help clean up its electrical grid. This spring, those storage plants passed a major threshold, and now more

Addressing climate change means getting fossil fuels out of about 115 million U.S. homes — ASAP. But right now, that shift is happening at a snail’s pace; by one expert’s more

The man on a mission to open up space to disability

John McFall is studying whether it's possible for someone with a physical disability to go to space. more

Climeworks has officially switched on the world’s largest “direct air capture” plant, which sits on a lava plateau in southern Iceland. On Wednesday, the Swiss company said it started operations more

Facing increasing land subsidence, saltwater intrusion, and flooding linked with development, Vietnam has committed to changing its approach to managing the Mekong Delta. New initiatives call for retrofitting dikes and more

The Biden administration has unveiled its latest effort to expand the country's overburdened power grid: identifying 10 swaths of the country where it plans to wield a never-before-used federal authority more

Over 1,000 companies and research teams are now working to remove carbon dioxide from the sky or ocean and permanently lock it away — up from just a handful of more

Increasingly, businesses are writing off their carbon emissions by funding the conservation of forests. A new report finds that while such schemes have made “limited” progress in curbing deforestation, they more

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has spent two years working on what could be the most important nationwide transmission grid reform in decades. Next week , it plans to more

This story was originally published by Grist . Aluminum is a crucial raw ingredient in the fight against climate change. But to ensure that the transition off fossil fuels is more

A nearly two-decade study of whale songs recorded in the Southern Ocean suggests that blue whales, the largest creatures ever to have roamed the Earth, may be recovering in Antarctica more

For the past four years, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have been tracking a major threat to the U.S. clean energy transition: the backups and more

Last week, the U.S. Treasury Department released a set of highly anticipated and contentious tax-credit guidelines meant to spur production of sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF. U.S. airlines burned over more

A new U.N. report warns that environmental journalists across the globe are facing growing violence and intimidation.Read more on E360 → more

One year ago, New York state passed one of the country’s most ambitious clean energy and climate justice laws. The Build Public Renewables Act authorized the New York Power Authority, more

Despite the steady drumbeat of negative headlines about the electric vehicle market, EVs are breaking sales records across the globe. This year, around 17 million new fully electric or plug-in more

Canary Media’s Charging Up column chronicles gender diversity and notable career moves in the climatetech sector. Got a person or event you’d like to see us cover or a hot more

Activist Nonhle Mbuthuma founded a local organization along South Africa’s Wild Coast to fight a proposed strip mine 17 years ago. Despite ongoing personal threats, she’s still working to protect more

Tesla plans to lay off roughly 500 employees in its electric vehicle charging business — a surprising move that industry experts warn could threaten the reliability of the company’s nation-leading more

The Biden-Harris administration is bringing clean power to America’s less populated — and sometimes overlooked — regions. On Tuesday, the Department of Energy announced $78 million for 19 clean energy more

For the first time since the 1990s, U.S. wind generation dropped last year, according to government figures. The slump is the result of weak winds, and it comes despite the more

Squat metal wellheads rise from a grassy field in central Kansas, surrounded by red steel containers. Years ago, oil and gas companies came here to deposit their liquid waste into more

One of the largest solar projects in the country is moving closer to completion, and it’s not in a famously sunny state like California , Texas , or even Florida more

In the last decade, Indonesia has made significant headway in halting the loss of its forests. But the election of military man Prabowo Subianto as president is raising concerns that more

It’s hard enough to find street parking in a city — let alone a spot where an electric vehicle can also plug in and charge. But a potential solution rests more

This story was originally published by Energy News Network . A Minnesota company is among a growing number of startups nationwide hoping to help customers replace diesel and natural gas more

Late last year in Austin, Texas, big blue rigs rolled up to a sunbaked parking lot and started boring holes deep into the ground. Bedrock Energy , a geothermal startup, more

Most startups die in darkness. They disappear behind closed doors, while investors privately assess their losses and employees look for new jobs. Any lessons learned tend to stay hidden, and more

America's industrial sector is on track to become the nation's biggest source of planet-warming emissions by 2035, according to Rhodium Group . While the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean energy and more

Climate change made the disastrous 2021 heat wave in the Pacific Northwest larger and longer-lasting than it would have been otherwise, a new study finds.Read more on E360 → more

On Thursday, the Biden administration issued rules to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and pollution from U.S. power plants, while top officials weighed in with an important message: Clean energy is more

The European eel, whose life cycle remains shrouded in mystery, is a staple of the continent’s cultures and cuisines. But after decades of decline in its populations, scientists are calling more

Canary Media’s Electrified Life column shares real-world tales, tips and insights to demystify what individuals can do to shift their homes and lives to clean electric power. David Stile knew more

First Solar and Qcells , the two largest solar-panel manufacturers in the U.S., have joined a coalition of domestic suppliers calling for new tariffs on below-cost and state-subsidized panels imported more

Wind and solar are continuing to push fossil fuels off the U.K. power grid. So far this year wind is the nation's leading source of electricity, and for brief periods, more

The federal Bureau of Land Management has announced a flurry of new rules and plans in recent weeks as it explores how the 245 million acres of public land it more

The Biden administration is making a historic $7 billion investment in solar initiatives for low-income families. The funding will help nearly half of U.S. states to create such programs for more

To reach its climate goals, the Biden administration aims to extend the lives of U.S. nuclear reactors. But a new report finds regulators have not studied whether increasingly extreme weather more

Tritium, an Australian high-speed EV-charging equipment manufacturer with a large-scale factory in Tennessee, notified regulators on Thursday that it was insolvent, casting uncertainty over whether it can continue to fulfill more

A month ago, officials in New York celebrated the completion of South Fork Wind, the first utility-scale offshore wind farm to operate in the state — and nationwide. The milestone more

European astronaut rookies make the grade

The European Space Agency's latest intake of astronauts complete their basic training. more

For billions of years, the oceans have been absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Now, to boost that drawdown, startup companies and researchers are experimenting with ‘marine carbon dioxide removal’ by more

Preventing space contamination rises up the agenda

Agencies and scientists from around the world head to the UK to share space-exploration techniques. more

Last week, Georgia Power won regulatory approval to fast-track construction of 1.4 gigawatts of fossil-fueled power plants and to contract for nearly a gigawatt more power from coal- and fossil-gas-fired more

In order to make good on its ambitious offshore wind plans, Virginia electric utility Dominion Energy first had to get into the shipbuilding business. The regulated monopoly is building Coastal more

A new report alleges the U.N. has been complicit in the violent eviction of Indigenous people from six World Heritage Sites in Africa and Asia.Read more on E360 → more

This story was first published by Grist . To build all of the solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicle batteries, and other technologies necessary to fight climate change, we’re going more

Energy developers are more eager than ever to build new solar, wind, and battery projects in the U.S. As of December 2023, proposed projects encompassing nearly 2,600 gigawatts (GW) — more

A new infusion of federal funding will support some of the most cutting-edge efforts to decarbonize the dirty steel industry. On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Energy selected 13 projects more

Reprising her role as Brazil's environment minister, Marina Silva is determined to reverse the rampant destruction of the Amazon. In an e360 interview, she talks about her efforts to crack more

A new free tool for contractors and other energy professionals aims to pin down the economic and climate benefits of electrifying homes and commutes — a calculation typically hard to more

Our Mission

Demarest Nature Center - Duffy Bridge

According to the 1972 articles of Incorporation, the purposes of the organization are:

  • To acquire or lease undeveloped lands and establish thereon educational building(s).
  • To develop natural history and conservation education programs in cooperation with schools, colleges, hospitals, youth groups and other organizations which will develop an understanding and appreciation of natural resources.
  • To cooperate with national, state, county, municipal and private natural resource agencies in providing an outdoor laboratory in which to demonstrate natural resource problems and management techniques.

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Mushroom Foraging Walk with Wildman Steve Brill
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Saturday May 4, 2024 at 1PM , ...
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Monthly meeting is open to all members at the Demarest Train Station. If you are not a member come join us today! , ...
Bergen County Audubon Society’s Spring Bird Count
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Bergen County Audubon Society’s Spring Bird Count Time: 10AM Location: At the DNC – Imagination Playground (Wakelee Field) , ...
Environmental Scholarship Entries Due
12:00 am - 11:55 pm
Note: Environmental Scholarship date will be announced later. , ...

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The DNC sponsors numerous programs to bring residents of Demarest and the surrounding areas into closer contact with wildlife and the natural world. Programs have varied, including adult oriented sessions on topics such as hiking the Appalachian trial or composting, family hikes in Harriman Park or along the Palisades, and various children’s programs. Local outdoor activities have been held at the Nature Center, Wakelee Field, various school grounds, and at the Duck Pond.


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